by Laulu

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released October 28, 2014

Engineered & mixed by Jack Vondrachek at Roosevelt Recordings
Mastered by Greg Reierson - Rare Form Mastering
Album Art Photo: Sam Pappas Photography - A man of soul & brilliance

Everett Laulunen: Vocals/Acoustic & Electric Guitar/Keys
Ebby Laulunen: Vocals/Guitar
Zach Eckman: Electric Guitar
Benjamin Amundson: Vocals
Brett Bjornrud: Percussion

Additional instrumentation on "Innate":
Linn Bjornrud: Bass
Eric Sievert : Trombone



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Laulu Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Transcontinental
I’m leaving for the countryside, every step I take,
I’ll take a long deep stride
I will shed these layers, and I will put out these fires
But every bridge I cross, I’ll burn with healing fire
My feet must go, and my heart it must follow
But if I’m right these breezes will blow me home
You say you’ll miss me, saying baby don’t leave me
But I need a truth, something to bring me back to you

I hear rain now, I hear a train crawling
Cross the great plain pumping out my shame
Cinder burning through my veins
And all the while it’s calling out my name
You said nothing safe about staying the same
Now I hear the swell of water on the plains

These branches grow mean, they’re always whipping my cheeks
Saying slow down you fool, you’re missing the things unseen
You said time would heal my pain, I’ve stuck around
for your sake
But I know when I must leave, I know because I can’t breathe
I met a man of old age, a patron of time and space
I asked him to lend me his hands, to help me understand
He said you’ll hear a drum beating loud, a choir of
children belting proud
A ballad of reachable dreams, a sonnet for us to come clean
He said

I hear rain now, I hear a train crawling
Cross the great plain pumping out my shame, cinder
burning through my veins
And all the while I heard the same refrain
Don’t you dare forget from which way you came son
Don’t you dare forget from which way you came
Track Name: Indian Paintbrushes
You're coming back so breathe freely
I need your keep, I need anything
From the child picking cattail reeds
From the little girl grown into a lady

I named mother's window blessed
Grown tall from the chest
For a vice presents the healing; rise the less
As your head shakes from left to right and right to left

We are Indian Paintbrush peace
Pick them and rub them on our cheeks
War paint to fight for liberating
For your very being to be free

I came the juvenile blessed
By fellow offspring expressed
And the sum of the world's state in your chest
Revelations of love raw in my breath

Brace for holy rain
And heroes of grace
Lifting your face
Track Name: Cradle Rocker
Cradle rocker dressed in white
Where is my, where is my
Angel that falls but doesn’t fly
In my mind, in my mind
Nebula's and black holes in the sockets
Of their eyes, of their eyes
Full of depth and so majestic
But you’ll never see mine
You’ll never see mine
Track Name: Innate
My blood burned a dangerous heat; I need something to console an inner peace
I clothed my feet and swung the door, I’m leaving till I settle my scores
In my soul I felt the weight of loved ones falling from the face of truth

I need someone to listen to me without taking a grain of salt for a mountain
Your minds over-thinking, your eyes overlooking, your mouth overworking, your ears shut tightly

I’ve cried, I’ve ran, I’ve held my tongue, I’ve faced death and I know it hasn’t won
I’ve played the selfless part yet I still hurt the ones around me I should love

Call on me, and I will answer to your laments, if you promise to listen to mine as well
My minds over-thinking, my eyes overlooking, my mouth overworking, my hands holding up my world

The time has come for you to see the hope in you arose he hope in me
What else is there

You need to learn from what you’ve seen. Windows only shed light if they are wiped clean
Your hearts outreaching, your hands ever bleeding, your lips letting loose these words, I swear
I’m listening